Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
The dept of Obst. & Gyne CHANDNI HOSPITAL has varied and broad base approach to the specialty care of women. We have programmes for early detection of disorders. The well women check-up is designed to detect the earliest sign of disorders of the breast and organs of reproduction. A Ultrasound scan, scan of the pelvis and Pap smear form an integral part of the checkup.
Department of Obstetrics:
Antenatal care:-
We offer checkup for routine and high risk for pregnant women apart for routine test, screening to rule out congenital fetal anomalies and thallaesaemia with detailed counseling offered to all our patients.
Intranatal care:-
Monitoring of labor matches the best in the world. Ours is tertiary care centre \Yell equipped for handling all types of high risk pregnancies and pregnancies with medical complications like diabeties ,mellitus, bronchial astlmla, Hypertension, cardiac and renal disease and emergency related to pregnancies labor and delivery, this has the back-up of NICU, which is one the best part of north India, there are special facilities for painless labor.

We have post graduate trained residents monitoring the cardiac of the mother and under the guidance of senior consultants.
Department of Gynecology:
Conventional Gynecology:-
Special medical &surgical treatment is provided for all types of gynecological problems like menstrual problems, uterine prolapse, tumors of the uterus and ovaries, recanalization of fallopian tubes etc. All types of high risk cases like hypertension, diabetes heart disease and other medical problem can be taken up for surgery, because of latest anesthesia techniques and best multi-disciplinary management and fully equipped I.C.U.
Conventional Gynecology:-
Hormone related disorder like hirsutism, irregular periods, amenorrhea, and polycystive ovarian disease (PCOD) are dealth with special coordination between the gynecologist and endocrinologist. Menopausal patient arc cared for in our clinic, routine checkup is done along \\ith bone densitometry studies (Dexa Scan) and HRT is instituted when indicated.
We provide treatment for disorder related to male and female infertility. Chandni Hospital would offer you help and guide you to understand the causes of your being infertile in complete privacy and absolute confidentially with the most advanced modem technique in assisted reproductive technology. The advantage of this unit it is well supported by the department of Endocrinology, Andrology and urology. As a result the department able to bring in a new concept- “Active management of infertility” this means an aggressive but totally safe approach in practice. The department aims to combine the best scientific and medical practice with the highest level of care and consideration for each couple.
Gynecological Endoscopy :-
CHANDNI HOSPITAL offers this minimal invasive surgical technique by trained gynecological Endoscopic surgeon. These procedures arc done through tiny “key hole” puncture. Nearly all surgeries for common non-cancerous conditions, all possible laproscopically.

1. Treatment for infertility-many causes of difficulties in conceiving are treatment laproscopically e.g. surgery on blocked tubes, polycystic ovaries etc.
2. Removal of fibroids.
3. Removal of ovarian cysts.
4. Removal of endometriosis.
5. Surgery for tubal pregnancy.

This is another Endoscopic procedure by which the patients can be investigated and treated for

1. Infertility
2. Bleeding problem
3. Repeated miscarriage
4. Uterine abnormalities e.g. septa in the uterus

This procedure is done as day care procedure and the patients goes back home the same day.