Department of Pediatric and Neonatology Unit

Department of Pediatric:-
The department of pediatrics at Chandni Hospital offers comprehensive and advanced services to young children and teenagers alike. There are sub-specialists in various discipline of pediatric and the department offers full fledged in-Patients and out-patients services. In-patients services includes a well equipped intensive care unit that has the latest state of art technology. The patients are seen all days. After OPD hours patients are attended to in emergency department where pediatric specialists are available on call.
The department of pediatric offers OPD consultations in following:
1. General Pediatrics
2. Pediatrics Cardiology
3. Pediatrics Urology
4. Pediatrics Intensive care
5. Pediatrics Orthopedics
6. Teenage Health
Neonatology Unit:-
Neonatology is a relatively recent addition to pediatric super sepecialty.It is a specialize branch that deals with a new born especially sick, premature, low to extremely low birth rate and babies with congenital defects the immaturity, delicacy and dependency of new born require high high degree of technical skill and dexterity and collaborative efforts of both neonatology and obstetrician. The advent of newer therapeutic modalities, artificial life support techniques and infection control methods has tremendously decreased mortality and morbidity in newborns pride, one of the most advanced neonates units in the India, ushers in a new era in neonatal medicine. Our results arc comparable with the best in the India.

The neonatal ICU at CHANDNI HOSPITAL is equipped with all the modern state of art facilities for the new born.The ICU is manned by neonatolist and nurses working round thr clock as a team.It is one of the few units providing surfactant therapy & high frequency ventilation specialty services provided are pediatric surgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology as well as skin & reconstructive surgery.It is also well supported by modern laboratory services that diagnose the rarest of diseases. The neonatal ICU looks after born in the hospital as well as outside referrals.A team comprising of neonatologist & trained neonatal nurses along with a transport incubator with monitoring facilities and well equipped ambulance is available round the clock to facilitate transfers.